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YILCOQUE is YILDIRIM Group’s coke production company based in Cúcuta, Colombia. Foundation of Yilcoque Plant dates back to 2013 in Cúcuta, capital of Norte de Santander region of Colombia. 200 coke ovens of a total of 400 ovens have started coke production in May 2015. Next year in February 2016, another 100 coke ovens has been put into operation. By the commissioning of last 100 coke ovens in May 2016, the plant reached its full capacity of 130.000 metric tons with 400 coke ovens.

The company has also been making toll production at some coke plants in the same region since 2013 with an annual production capacity of 30.000 metric tons.

We are also able to supply metallurgical coke from Cundinamarca and Boyaca regions of Colombia for trade purpose. 
YILCOQUE employs 150 deeply experienced workers and the total annual capacity is around at 160.000 metric tons. 

The company meets the metallurgical reactive coke needs of three ferrochrome plants belonging to parent company Yildirim Group. The ferrochrome plants in question are located in Turkey, Sweden and Russia. The excess coke is also marketed to the industry for commercial purposes.

YILCOQUE benefits from the synergistic capabilities of YILDIRIM Group with its profound experience in coal and coke business going back more than 50 years. The Group ships the product using its own vessels, utilizes its own warehousing facilities, and handles the products at the terminals of YILPORT Holding, another subsidiary and the world’s fastest-growing international terminal operator.

We are the largest coke producers in Cúcuta, Norte de Santander region, Colombia. YILCOQUE is an ever-growing company with a large investment capacity. The company is ambitious in its goals and aims to develop its capabilities, efficiency and productivity all the while regarding sustainability at the heart of all strategies, decisions and actions.